New Pacific’s flagship property is its Silver Sand project in Bolivia. New Pacific acquired Alcira, the owner of the Silver Sands project in July 2017.

Alcira has seven silver-polymetallic mineral properties or ATEs (Temporary Special Authorization) in Bolivia. The most significant property is the Silver Sand Property located in the Potosí Department, which has been subjected to some small-scale, historic mining and was drilled during the period 2012 through 2015 by Alcira. The other six are early-stage exploration projects, which have either been subject to limited small-scale mining or historical drilling.

Silver Sand Project Location

Silver Sand Project Location - Bolivia.png

Location and Access

Approximately 4,050 m above sea level, the Silver Sand property (3.17 square km in area), is located in approximately 25 km northeast of the world-famous Cerro Rico silver and base metal mineral system near Potosi.

Access is relatively easy with a road distance of 54 km to Potosi, of which 27 km are paved.

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The Property is one of the earliest discoveries, before the discovery of Cerro Rico in the mid-1500’s, made by Spanish Colonials.

The vendors had acquired the company in 2009 along with the Silver Sand property.

After acquisition, a limited amount of exploration was carried out at the property during the period 2012 through 2015.

The exploration included surface geological mapping, 1,628 metres of channel sampling (containing 846 surface and underground channel samples) and drilling of eight core holes.


Geology and Mineralization

Host Rocks: Cretaceous-aged quartz-rich sandstone, which were strongly silicified and now occur in gentle, open folds, dipping shallowly to the north.

Structure Control: The silver mineralized structures, occur in a belt that extends in a northwesterly direction, and are subvertical to east-dipping at high angles.

Mineralization Zones: Five significant mineralization zones (zones 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) were identified with the zone 1 mineralization extending over 1,500 metres long and up to 125 metres in width.

Silver Sand - Property Geology Map.png
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Geological Map

Showing Exploration Section Lines, Underground Tunnel, and Surface Channel Sample Intervals, and drill hole location and intervals.

Intercepts from Tunnels PD62 and PD19 are believed to be close to the true width as it is normal to the Zones I and II.

Surface Channel Samples include barren samples between high grade interval and may not cover entire mineralization zones as limited by outcrops.

Silver mineralization in the Zone I extends over 1,600 m long, almost 80 m wide and over 350 m deep.


Results of Initial Metallurgy Tests

1. Historical Test: head grade 239g/t silver

  • First stage scavenge product returns grade 843g/t silver with a total recovery of 90.73%.

2. The Technical Centre of Zhaojin Gold Mining Co. Ltd. carried out the following recovery tests (2015-09) for one sample

  • Conventional flotation test: head grade 365.64 g/t, grinding to 78% <200 mesh, total recovery 86.79%, with concentrate grade 4978g/t, tailing grading 55.06 g/t.
  • CIL Cyanidation: head grade 384.05 g/t, grinding to 85.32% <200 mesh (NaCN costs 3.5kg per tonne of ore), silver recovery 92.73% with tailings grading 27.92 g/t
  • Flotation + Tailings CIL Cyanidation: head grade 353.35 g/t, flotation recovered 83.3% silver with a tailing grading 65.07 g/t. The tailings were then leached and have a 89.69% silver recovery (NaCN costs 0.76kg per tonne of tailing) to have a combined total silver recovery 98.31%

Exploration Drilling Program

New Pacific received drill permits for the Silver Sand property in October 2017, and is now progressing through a 50,000 m drilling program.

  • 30,000-50,000 m over 16 exploration sections 100 m apart to define the Zone I over 1,600 m along the extension direction
  • 5-6 drill holes (~400 m/hole) for 2000 m per Exploration Section
  • Drill some “Glory” holes to 800 m depth to test the Zone I’s extension depth
  • Drilling of the Zone II
  • Two drilling contractors have been signed up with a total of 4 rigs
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