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New Pacific Holdings Corp.  is a Canadian Investment Issuer, which was previously in the business of exploring and developing precious metal mining properties in Canada and China. As an investment issuer, New Pacific's Board believes that the ideal allocation of the Company’s working capital is within the framework of a primarily resources-focused investment company making investments in privately held and publicly traded corporations.

Investment Objectives

The investment objectives for the Company as an investment issuer are to seek: a high return on investment opportunities, primarily in the natural resource, industrial, or technology sectors; and to preserve capital and limit downside risk while achieving a reasonable rate of return by focusing on opportunities with attractive risk to reward profiles. The nature and timing of the investments will depend, in part, on available capital at any particular time and the investment opportunities identified and available. Subject to the availability of capital, New Pacific intends to create a diversified portfolio of investments. The composition of its investment portfolio will vary over time depending on its assessment of a number of factors including the performance of financial markets and credit risk. Currently, the Company does not have any material investments.

Investment Strategy

In light of the numerous investment opportunities across the entire minerals sector, New Pacific wishes to adopt a fairly unrestricted approach to investment targets without placing unnecessary limits on potential returns on its investment. This approach is demonstrated in the proposed investment strategy set out below.

  • Investment Sector: Natural resource, industrial, or technology industries.
  • Investment Types: Equity, debt, royalties, income and commodity streams, derivatives and any other investment structures or instruments that could be acquired or created.
  • Jurisdictions: Preference will be given to first world countries but all countries are permissible depending on the risk assessment of the Board and Management at the time the investment is made and the risk-reward relationship associated with each investment in a particular jurisdiction.
  • Investment Size: Unlimited, which may result in the Resulting Issuer holding a control position in a target corporation or possibly requiring future equity or debt financings to raise money for specific investments.
  • Investment Timeline: Not limited.
  • Investment Targets: Direct project investments either through direct equity in a project, or through a derivative interest such as a royalty, stream or other derivative facility. Investments in public or private corporations, partnership or other legal entities that own, or propose to own, natural resource, industrial, or technology assets or their respective derivatives. Distressed situations where a change of management or other restructuring is required to realize the value of the asset. Activist investing where shareholder value is being adversely affected by a corporation’s current board and management.
  • Investment Review: Will seek to maintain the ability to actively review and revisit all of the investments on an ongoing basis.
  • Liquidity: Will evaluate the liquidity of investments and seek to realize value from same in a prudent and orderly fashion.

Head Office

New Pacific Holdings Corp.
Suite 1378 - 200 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6C 1S4

Tel: 604-633-1368
Fax: 604-669-9387

Stock Exchange

TSX Venture Exchange (Trading Symbol: "NUX.V")